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Track Your Trades
IRS Schedule D Software
Track Your Trades started in 2001 when its
founder and President, Christ A. Milesis, Ph.D.,
realized that traders and investors needed a
simple, speedy way to track their trading
performance and generate IRS Schedule D for
their tax return. This practical, professional
software product offers a solution for you to:
  • take control of your investment decisions
  • free yourself from Schedule D stress
Our Excellent Customer Support

We strive to offer high-quality customer support for Track Your Trades.  Before
contacting us for support, we suggest you first consult the Help sections within Track
Your Trades, available by clicking ‘Help’ from the top menu.  These include the User
Manual, Index, & F.A.Q.s.  These resources will often provide an answer to your
question or solution to your problem.

While we provide free support for the operation of Track Your Trades software, we
understandably cannot extend this free service to general computer tasks, Windows
operating systems, or other software products.
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