Handy Label Maker

Label and contact management software for home and business.
Professional, versatile, powerful.

Compose and print mailing labels on demand.
Conveniently manage your contacts.

It's here! A fast, simple, and professional way to print mailing addresses on labels or envelopes. Our newest product, Handy Label Maker 6.5 creates labels, prints directly on envelopes of different sizes, and even manages your contacts. Use for mass mailing newsletters, flyers, invitations, announcements, etc.

Only $19.95 (Regularly $39.95. Save 50%)

* Print mailing address on labels or envelopes of different sizes

* Search contacts and print subsets of labels by category

* Print your labels left-justified or centered, bold or italic

* Import contacts from your email provider or mobile device

* Export contacts to Yahoo, Google, or mobile device

* New ===> Company Name field for business mailing!

* Birthday reminders, alerts, and View Birthdays by month

# Works with any Windows version, including Windows 10

# Works with any printer!

# Flexible margin adjustment for ultimate control

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