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Track Your Trades® simplifies preparation of your tax return by generating an IRS
Schedule D (Capital Gains and Losses) tax report.  Added bonus: you can also use it
to produce a completed Schedule D for PRIOR tax years.   Wash sale reporting is
automatically included; however, you have the opportunity to turn it off if you choose to
not display wash sales.  Likewise, option trades are included, but you can suppress
them via a filter.  Schedule D and Form 8949 can be viewed or printed at your
convenience, or exported to TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxAct, or Excel.

Track Your Trades is also a streamlined method of accurately tracking your stock,
option, and mutual fund transactions.  Its simplicity, speed, and compactness appeal
to traders and investors who want convenience when managing their trades. Trades
are easily entered (either manually or via import) and retrieved at your convenience
from your PC or laptop.  Note: the import function does not currently support option
trades or trades of stock triggered by exercise of an option.  However, such trades can
be entered manually.  Also, if you've selected Specific Shares or LIFO method for
finding cost basis, be advised that cost basis reporting on Schedule D may be
affected and may lead to inaccurate wash sale results.

Track Your Trades will help you strategically plan your income tax return so you can
potentially lower or avoid capital gains taxes.  If strategic tax selling is part of your tax
planning, Track Your Trades is the perfect tool for finding tax-loss candidates.  A
What-If wizard helps reveals a trade outcome beforehand.  A "Show open positions"
report enables you to see the long-term and short-term status of shares you own.

Consulting services such as training or Schedule D preparation may be purchased
separately.  Please contact us for pricing and additional information.

Featured highlights of Track Your Trades are:
Completes IRS Schedule D for current or prior tax years
Export Schedule D capital gain/loss to TurboTax, HRB, TaxAct, & Excel
Includes a "What-if" wizard to reveal outcome of a hypothetical trade
Import trades (stocks and mutual funds) from your online broker
Allows filtering of reports by date, activity, and equity type
Organizes shares according to long-term & short-term capital gains
Supports FIFO, LIFO, & Specific Shares methods for deciding cost basis
Allows security protection of data via optional password feature
Easy to use trader tax software for the serious trader
Provides accurate, secure records for class action/other legal matters
Automatically calculates cost basis each time you 'sell' or 'buy to cover'
View trades by symbol, date, or date range
Unlimited trades!  No restriction on the number of trades you may enter
FREE lifetime upgrades!  Purchase only once, no hidden charges!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee, subject to purchase terms
Calculates weighted share price for partial fills or multiple trades
Color coding shows profits in green and losses in red
Shows your open positions (stocks you currently own) & average price
Calculates portfolio value and trading performance (rate of return)
Allows adjustment for stock splits
Data file easily exports to Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, or other spreadsheets
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Track Your Trades
IRS Schedule D Software
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System requirements:
Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10; 20 MB available
hard drive space; 256 MB RAM; PDF Reader.
                       Track Your Trades' Proprietary Wash Sale Technology

    A wash sale occurs when you sell a security for a loss, and buy it within 30 days before or after the
    sale.  The IRS will not allow the loss, but will allow you to add the loss to the cost basis of the
    replacement shares of that particular security (the shares that triggered the wash sale).  Reporting of
    wash sales and adjusted cost is done on Form 8949.  However, active traders may buy and sell a
    particular security many times within a 30-day period, incurring numerous disallowed wash sale
    losses and corresponding adjustments to subsequent cost basis.  Hence, the "loss" and subsequent
    "gain" (achieved indirectly via added cost basis) cancel each other out, resulting in no net impact on
    your tax liability.  In this scenario, if the investor/trader does not hold open shares of the security at year
    end, there is no net tax impact.  Nonetheless, new IRS cost basis rules require wash sales to be
    reported whenever they occur.  Accordingly, Track Your Trades detects and reports all wash sales in
    all scenarios, including the example above, and applies cost basis adjustments automatically.
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